Why we use Cookies

When you visit GetIn, we use Cookies to log the visitors’ behavior on our website. This allows us to collect statistical data necessary to asses and improve the usability and effectiveness of the site. Using Cookies, the way we do, does not allow us to personally identify any of the website visitors, but only to analyze numerical, geographic, and demographic data for statistic purposes and analysis of behavioral patterns.

The list of Cookies we use on our website


This cookie only contains a reference to a session stored on the web server. No information is stored in the user’s browser and this cookie can only be used by the current website. The duration of the cookie is one session.

Hotjar (_hj*)

Cookies set by Hotjar for tracking website usage at getin.io. The duration of the cookie is decided by Hotjar.

Facebook (fbq*)

Cookies set by Facebook to provide interest-based advertisements on Facebook and connected platforms. The duration of the cookie decided by Facebook.

Google (__utm*, _ga, _gid)

Cookies set by Google Analytics and Google Adwords for tracking non-personally identifiable information used for website analytics and ads targeting. The duration of the cookie decided by Google.

Cookies settings

You can change your general and specific Cookie preferences in your browser settings.

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